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Aktualisiert: 10. Jan. 2022

Part of living intuitively is getting out of your head into your body. When we live outside our heads we can perceive a larger spectrum of energy and vibration, that is trying to communicate with us whenever we are ready. I know, in the beginning that might be confusing or strange, but after a while it becomes the most natural thing to do. This is how we were actually designed. When we open up to this, life can begin to deliver us our full potential that is otherwise sitting there and waiting. Often we can get in such a rut or routine that we simply can't hear Spirits way to lift us up. Although suffering is a big aspect of this planets existence, we are encouraged to heal and uplift each other by transforming our pain into valuable information. To really live your most abundant life, you have to follow what lights you up. And if you can't remember what this is, I recommend to take out pen and paper and rediscover what it is. There are some things in life that doesn't change. What is it that you are always drawn to? That you can never get enough of? What puts instantly an internal smile on your face. Follow that and write a list with all the good stuff and activities. There a are gems hidden, I promise. You have to be creative, that is part of getting the energy moving into the right direction in small or big ways. I for example can't get enough of healing techniques, energy modalities, mediumship, mysticism and traveling. That is what lights me up most and therefore I follow that and explore more of it.

Some of my favourite books and Healers are for example:

Sanaya Romans "Opening to channel"and "Spiritual Growth"

Marie Manuchehri "Practice book for Chakra Healing"

Donna Edens "Energy Medicine"

Energy healing and intuitive living are simply fascinating and always bring new insight into matters that we may have forgotten or not yet discovered.

I get excited to see how we are going to develop new ways of healing and well being in the coming years. I thought when I woke up the first time we would be way ahead by now, but I think we are on a good way.

Since everything is a matter of frequency and we have to be on a certain wavelength to perceive the new possibilities, we don't get around to clear out the old believe systems and stagnant patterns in our DNA. I am not a scientist but I can perceive things in a different way that often shows a DNA when we have certain alignments in the sky and by now so many are aware enough of our cosmic changes. We also notice as a collective, that when we all drop in frequency it is palpable all over the globe. Everyone is effected by it. Therefore everyone is also effected by the healing. I sure hope we get this ball rolling in the right direction.

How to keep your energy body vibrant:

Be grateful for your body. Give it plenty of love and exercise.

Meditation I find is key in developing a deeper understanding of your inner world and boosts your intuition too.

Water, drink good quality water. Program it by sending it good thoughts or even write a word of appreciation on a label and put it on the glass. It will have an effect on you.

Dance. Music moves not just our mood but also stagnant energy and allows us to feel - hence get out of your head and live a little.

Do what lights you up.

Hug someone.

Pet your dog.

Take a vacation.

I hope that lit you up and we see us soon.

Take care,


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